Unió de Botiguers

Benefits | The UBET renews its services

Become a member of the UBET has many advantages


Dinamitza el teu comerç Being part of an association that stimulates trade of l'Escala.
Publicitat a la Ràdio Free Radio Advertising Campaign of l'Escala valued at € 60.
Publicitat a la Ràdio 20% discount for advertising on Radio l'Escala.
Publicitat a la TV Empordà Discount on advertising on Channel 10 Empordà.
Convenis i acords Agreement with Banco Sabadell POS 0'35% and 10% discount on the membership fee.
Taxa Municipal gratuïta Tax free for distribution of advertising (to be signed).
Botiga al carrer Right to participate in the store on the street.
Difusió xarxes socials Dissemination social networks and the web at the UBET.
Regala el Rasca Scratch Scratch gives its customers free of charge.
La Loteria Lottery right to buy gifts for clients: a trip for four people.
Sessions informatives Briefings and training for members.
Activitats festives The UBET organizes festive activities to satisfy our customers and visitors.
The board of the UBET continuously working to sign new agreements will provide more benefits to partners UBET. The partners will be duly informed by email.


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