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Food Establishments

Power companies : anchovies, little fish , meat , fruits and vegetables , wineries , food, rotisseries , etc.


Enterprises of accommodation : hotels , hostels , apartments for holidaymakers , Casals , Campgrounds .

Beauty and Health

Dentists, Aesthetic , Massagistes , Gyms .

Construction and Repairs

Builders , Builders , Renovations , Painting , Maintenance .

Hotels and restaurants

Bars , Restaurants , cafes , farm .

Fashion and Accessories

Clothing for men, women , kids , shoes , gifts .

Provision of Services

Workshops , Mobile Disco , Video club , Lotteries , cruise consultants .


Computer Programmers , Websites , Technical , Software, Hardware .

Everything for the Home

Furniture , Furnishings , Appliances , Kitchen, Health .


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High tourist level

L'Escala Turística


The beaches of L'Escala, gather together every year, a lot of people, including swimmers, tourists, young and old, all coming from different parts of Europe and the world and reach the staircase to enjoy resources offering this Villa. Not only have beaches are also accommodation, including hotels, hostels, camping, bungalows, houses, etc., which offer a great quantity of services.

Weather to l'Escala

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