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With a live trade, l'Escala wins ... We all win !



The UBET OF L'ESCALA invites you to take the plunge. Joining the UBET is synonymous with progress, union and business relations for shopkeepers and businessmen of L'Escala. We are a tourist town and we want you to be with us. With your association "We all win!"



The UBET OF L'ESCAL gives you the opportunity to know our benefits for our partners.
We care about the ladder boost trade through campaigns Radio Free Scale, as well as discounts on Channel 10 Emporda advertising programs and activities.



The UBET OF L'ESCALA care to its members! After many years, the new Board of Directors wants to give a more current and agreed with the emergence of new technologies and that is why we offer, and we worry we are to achieve a better market for our partners. We invite you to participate and work with us. We all win!



The UBET OF THE L'ESCALA, provide timely information to its partners using the tools of social networking, Facebook.
Anything of interest in the associate, news, current events, activities, general information, etc., will be duly published in the Facebook UBET. Pay attention!

Campaign of Rasca-rasca
Establishments where will be able to change the winning tickets 1 Mode, Everything for the Home, Beauty and Health 2 Technology, Services, Construction and Reforms 3 Housing, Supply and Hotel and catering business and Restoration

  • There will be 6.000 € in prizes that will be able to be changed in the establishments associated in the UBET.
  • 5 tickets of 100€ changeable in any establishment of the UBET.
  • The rest of tickets of 10€ will be exchangeable in the establishments that belong to the category indicated in the same ticket.
  • All partners that take part in the campaign will have to agree and change the winning tickets
  • Once changed, these tickets will be able to be received in Electrodomèstics Rivera (Avgda. Ave Maria, 36, l'Escala).
  • This year the not winning tickets will have to avoid, since every ticket is a participation of the Lottery of Christmas.


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The links of the UBET visitlescala.com lescala-empuries.com ca.costabrava.org

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